(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
v. t. interline, face; delineate. —n. mark; cord, string; crease, wrinkle; verse, note; route, system; vocation, calling; lineage; row, file. See indication, filament, poetry, business, ancestry, continuity, furrow, length, narrowness, straightness.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A row]
Syn. length, list, rank, file, catalogue, array, order, group, arrangement, furrow, ridge, range, seam, band, border, block, series, sequence, succession, chain, train, string, column, procession, formation, division, queue, magazine, concatenation, trench, channel, groove, drain, mark, scar, thread, fissure, crack, straight line; see also seam , series .
2. [A mark]
Syn. outline, tracing, stroke; see mark 1 .
3. [A rope]
Syn. cord, filament, steel tape; see rope , wire 1 .
4. [Lineal descent]
Syn. descent, pedigree, genealogy, lineage; see family 1 , heredity .
5. [A border line]
Syn. border, mark, limit; see boundary , edge 1 .
6. [A course]
Syn. street, lane, path; see road 1 , route 1 .
7. [Policy]
Syn. belief, principle, course; see plan 2 , policy , route 2 .
8. [Matter printed in a row of type]
Syn. row, words, letters; see copy .
9. [A military front]
Syn. front line, disposition, formation, position; see front 2 .
10. [A railroad]
Syn. trunk line, sideline, mainline; see railroad , track 1 .
11. [An organization supplying transportation]
Syn. steamship line, airline, bus company; see transportation .
12. [*The kind or materials of trade]
Syn. materials, trade, involvement; see business 1 , industry 3 .
13. [*Goods handled by a given house]
Syn. wares, merchandise, produce; see commodity , material 2 .
14. [*Talk intended to influence another]
Syn. prepared speech, patter, persuasion; see conversation , speech 3 .
all along the line,
Syn. at every turn, completely, constantly; see everywhere .
bring into line,
Syn. align, make uniform, regulate; see order 3 .
down the line,
15. [Completely]
Syn. entirely, thoroughly, wholly; see completely .
16. [Later]
Syn. after a while, presently, by and by; see following .
draw the ( or [m1]a) line,
Syn. set a limit, prohibit, restrain; see restrict 2 .
get a line on*,
Syn. find out about, investigate, expose; see discover .
in line,
Syn. agreeing, conforming, uniform; see regular 3 .
in line for,
Syn. being considered for, ready, thought about; see considered 1 .
in line of duty,
Syn. authorized, prescribed, required; see approved , legal 1 .
lay ( or [m1]put) it on the line*,
Syn. elucidate, define, clarify; see explain .
on a line,
Syn. linear, lined, level; see direct 1 , straight 1 .
out of line,
Syn. misdirected, not uniform, not even; see irregular 1 , 2 .
read between the lines,
Syn. read meaning into, discover a hidden meaning, expose; see understand 1 .
1. [To provide a lining]
Syn. interline, encrust, stuff, wad, panel, incrust, reinforce the back of, pad, quilt, fill, overlay, bush, sheath, wainscot; see also face 3 .
2. [To provide lines]
Syn. trace, delineate, outline; see draw 2 , mark 1 .
3. [To be in a line]
Syn. border, edge, outline, rank, rim, bound, skirt, fall in, fall into line, fringe, follow; see also succeed 2 .
4. [To arrange in a line]
Syn. align, queue, marshal, dress, face in, arrange, range, array, group, set out, bring into a line with others, fix, place, list space, line right, line left, rank, draw up; see also file 1 , line up , order 3 .
Ant. disarrange, disperse, scatter.
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
1. long mark score, underscore, underline, stripe, stroke, dash, streak, slash, demarcation.
2. row course, column, series, succession, queue, procession, chain, series, train, string, file, tier.
3. cord string, twine, rope, cable, filament, thread, strand.
4. line of work business, calling, specialty, interest, vocation, profession, *racket.
5. lineage ancestry, descent, breed, stock, pedigree.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun 1. An indentation or seam on the skin, especially on the face: crease, crinkle, furrow, wrinkle. See SMOOTH. 2. A method used in dealing with something: approach, attack, course, modus operandi, plan, procedure, tack, technique. See MEANS. 3. An official or prescribed plan or course of action: policy, procedure, program. See PLANNED. 4. Activity pursued as a livelihood: art, business, calling, career, craft, employment, job, metier, occupation, profession, pursuit, trade, vocation, work. Slang: racket. Archaic: employ. See ACTION. 5. A product or products bought and sold in commerce: commodity, good (used in plural), merchandise, ware. See MATTER, TRANSACTIONS. 6. A group of people or things arranged in a row: column, file, queue, rank1, row1, string, tier. See GROUP. 7. One's ancestors or their character or one's ancestral derivation: ancestry, birth, blood, bloodline, descent, extraction, family, genealogy, lineage, origin, parentage, pedigree, seed, stock. See KIN, PRECEDE. II verb To place in or form a line or lines. Also used with up: align, range. See ORDER.

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